Selling a Home

Even before you list your home you may or may not have a clear set of expectations regarding price, timeline and what you need to do to get your home sold. My job is to learn about your expectations, create a plan that gets you as close to those goals as possible in our market, and go to work!  Here is what you can expect when working with me:

  • Education (for me!): I first need to learn about your home – all of the features and benefits. Initially I like to do a walk-through and meet with you at your home. Then the second step is for me to complete research and meet with you again to discuss  exactly how your home fits into the market, in terms of price and market time. I will share my findings with you and we will discuss the plan for getting your home in the proper condition to sell it.
  • Marketing: Staging, pricing the home accurately and marketing it effectively are the most important things we’ll do. My marketing system includes:
    • High-Definition Photography: According to the National Association of Realtors, 92% of buyers search for homes online. High-quality photos of your homes’ best features and spaces are critical for attracting a buyer to your home.
    • Print Marketing: I will show you examples of these at one of our in person meetings, but I will have a House flyer, a permaflyer (which goes on the sign in your yard), special feature cards throughout your home, a home book including detailed information about the home, and an agent packet that includes any aerial photography, information on the septic system, well, property assessments, seller disclosures, etc. These are all included in my home marketing plan along with just listed postcards sent to 200 of your neighbors and various other home/ area specific marketing opportunities.
    • Online Marketing: According to the National Association of REALTORS, 92% of buyers are searching for properties online. Therefore, making sure your listing appears on websites where those buyers are searching is imperative. I advertise your listing on dozens of websites which reach a local and global clientele.
    • Broker to Broker Marketing: Here is where I put my valuable industry relationships to work! I will send out the flyer I created for your property to my Windermere colleagues who may have a buyer for your home. In additional I will hold a Broker’s Open (an open house for real estate brokers) to get as many potential buyer eyes on your property as possible.
    • Public Open Houses: To increase the exposure, and allow all potential Buyers to view the home, I typically have an Open House on the weekend just after the house initially goes on the market.
    • Marketing Calendar

      Communication: In addition to the marketing calendar I create for you when I list your home, I will be communicating with you throughout the time that your home is listed. I will provide you with a status report each time your property has been viewed. I will also keep you updated on the competition – any new listings that have come on the market or that have gone pending or sold. The market is a moving target and it is important to keep moving with it.

  • Attention to Detail: When we have an offer (or offers!) on your home, I will work with you to determine which offer is best for your needs and goals. I will negotiate on your behalf and once we have an agreed-upon contract, I will work to make sure it closes with all the I’s dotted and the T’s crossed.